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Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Day Seminar on" Media and Politics " Dept of Political Science,Govt Brennen College,29,February 2012.

Media and Politics

One Day National Seminar on 29 February, 2012.

Department of Political Science

Government Brennen College

Reaccredited by NAAC with “A” Grade

Affiliated to Kannur Univesity,Kerala,India.


Hindi seminar Hall

The media as a collection of societal institution that are concerned with production and dissemination of all forms of knowledge requires wider academic attention. In recent years media has become significant potential political actor. There are several reasons for media becoming a tool for political communication. The decline of family as a primary agent of political socialization, proliferation of television channels and the marketisation of media platforms together constitute a “mediated politics” in the world.

In contemporary world, our perception of democracy, election, public opinion, social capital, public sphere and even protest consciousness are being mediated. This seminar cast fresh thoughts and reminds us the desirability of a vibrant civil society in the media age of our time.

The Department of Political science herby invites your participation for the same.

Resource Person

Prof.Dr.P L Dharma,

Chairperson, Department of Political Science, Mangalore University

K M Roy,

Senior Journalist

N P Chekkutty

Senior Journalsit

Santhosh Mathew Veranani,

Assistant Professor,Centre for South Asian Studies,Pondicherry Central University

Arun Kumar

Assistant Professor in Political Science,Government College Victoria,

Dr.M A Lal,

Assistant Professor and Research Officer,Kerala State Higher Education council

Registration starts at 8.30 on 29-02-2012


Biju P R,Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science ,Government Brennen College, Thalassery, Kannur ,Kerala. 670 106, Mobile: 9847477116, Email:bijugayu@gmail.com


How to Reach the College

The college is situated on the NH 17; 5 KM away from Thalassery Railway Station; 60 KM away from Calicut Airport ;167 KM away from Mangalore Airport.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Invitation for National Seminar on “Social Movements and Protest Politics in India”.

One Day National Seminar on 24, 2012.

Department of Political Science

Government College Madappally

Reaccredited by NAAC with “B” Grade

Affiliated to Univesity of Calicut,Kerala,India.


Seminar Hall

The Department of Political Science organizes one day seminar on Social Movements and Protest Politics in India on 24/02/2012. Your participation and intellectual interaction is hereby invited for the seminar programme.

Protest reflects the key aspect of the relationship between the state and society. State is responsible for formulating and carrying out policies for society. State may lack the resources to meet the demands and expectations of various competing social groups. That may lead to anger among some groups in the society, which can take the shape of protest movement. Protest arises from disagreement over limited issues, such as opposition to particular policies of a government, or antagonisms between groups competing for political influence.So how movement arises and how various groups participate in it is an important area of intellectual pursuit.Students of political science and teachers should have great mastery over the area so as to get a clear understanding of the society.It is so important to understand how to approach a social movement and what are basic theoretical approach to social movements.

Seminar Themes

1. New Social Movements

2. Civil Society in India

3. Protest Politics andNon-party Political Domain

4. Social Movements andState.

5. Civil Society Movements inKerala

Invited presentations

Dr. Shaji Varkey,HoD,

Department of Political Science,University of Kerala

Dr .Biju B L,

Assistant Professor in Political Science,Department of Political Science,Cenrtal University Hyaderabad

Dr.Stany Thomas,

Associate Professor,Department of Political Science,St.Thomas College,Pala

Dr.M A Lal,

Assistant Professor in Political Science /Research Officer,Kerala State Higher Education Council

Dr.Rose Mary,

Assistant Professor in Political Science,Providence Women’s College,Calicut

Sri Arun Kumar K,

Assistant Professor in Political Science,Victorial College Palakkad

Sri.Biveesh U C,

Assistant Professor in Political Science /Research Officer,Kerala State Higher Education Council


Gayathri O

Assistant Professor in Political Science

Government College MAdappally